Thursday, September 4, 2014

Jennifer Lawrence Sex Video May Be Shared

Jennifer LawrenceA sex video of Jennifer Lawrence may be shared online. The 4Chan forum user who allegedly stole the nude photos of The Hunger Games star and other celebrities has informed users that he has a two-minute clip. However, he is worried that the FBI will find out his identity so wants to upload it anonymously.
The forum user is accepting donations through PayPal to encourage him to upload the video. He or she acknowledged that many will not believe he has it, and shared that the two-minute clip only included Lawrence’s breasts.
There are many people blaming the celebrities for making their accounts easy to hack or for sharing the photos online, but others are rightly blaming the hacker for his or her illegal activities. Stealing the photos has been a violation of privacy and are not images that the members of the public need to see.
The hacker should be worried about the FBI finding out his or her identity. The agents are looking into the images and the forum poster’s IP address. This is not the first time the FBI has been involved. Agents searched for the poster of Scarlet Johansson’s stolen nude photos three years ago, and successfully caught him.
Publicists of the X-Men actress have confirmed that the images are hers, but have not apologized for them being on her computer. The 24-year-old actress has a right like anyone else to take such photos in her personal time. All that she wants now is that the criminal is tracked down, along with anyone else who shared the illegally gained images.
However, Lawrence may be worried that her alleged sex video may be shared. All the 4Chan user needs to figure out is how to do it anonymously. Hopefully for the American Hustle actress the FBI will catch the user before this happens. While posting completely anonymous is virtually impossible, it will make it much harder for the FBI to catch the culprit.
A number of other internet users may be arrested or sued for their online activities regarding these nude images. Anyone reposting them is breaking the law due to violating the celebrities’ privacy.
There is also a situation that Apple needs to look into. Many suggest that iCloud has a weak link in the system and anybody could have their images stolen. However, it is possible that just individual people were attacked and had their accounts hacked. Unfortunately, 100 or so celebrities have been involved in the latest attack, which suggests the former.
Internet users are attempting to help the authorities. Reddit users suggest that 27-year-old Bryan Hamade is guilty of stealing the images, but the FBI has not confirmed this possibility. The agents are not releasing a lot of information right now while the case is ongoing. That is understandable, as sharing too much information could jeopardize the case.
The question now is whether people are paying the hacker for his or her illegally gained images. Lawrence may be worried that her sex video will be shared online, even if it is only the two-minute clip that the hacker suggests.


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